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 Jakarta – Kementerian Keuangan (Kemenkeu)masih akan merekrut sebanyak 2.999 calon pegawai negeri sipil (CPNS) baru dari mahasiswa ikatan dinas maupun kalangan umum. Jumlah tersebut merupakan penambahan dari 2007 CPNS yang telah disetujui Kementerian Pendayagunaan Aparatur Negara dan Reformasi Birokrasi (Kemen PAN dan RB).Demikian disampaikan Sekretaris Jenderal Kemenkeu Kiagus Ahmad Badaruddin saat ditemui di kantornya, Jalan Wahidin Raya, Jakarta, Jumat (11/5/2012).

“Yang disini tambahannya cuma 2007 (PNS), tapi 2007 itu sebagian dari ikatan dinas atau tugas belajar, tapi di Kemenkeu lulusan STAN, tapi ada sebagian direkrut dari sarjana dan untuk kebutuhan yang spesifik seperti anak buah kapal. Jadi 2007 ini ada umumnya juga, tapi nanti kita minta lagi, jadi sekitar 2.999, ini bukan nanggung tapi menunjukkan usulan kita itu berdasarkan perhitungan,” jelasnya. Read the rest of this entry »

Kadin Indonesia formation of the organization was first formed on 24 September 1968 by the Regional Chamber of Commerce KADINDA Level I or Level I (the term for the Provincial Chamber of Commerce at the time) that exist throughout the initiative of Kadin Indonesia DKI Jakarta, and is recognized by the government of the Republic of Indonesia Presidential Decree Number 49 in 1973, then reconstituted in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 1 Year 1987 on the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Indonesia Entrepreneur Conference September 24, 1987 in Jakarta organized by the Indonesian Employers who are members of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with the Indonesian Cooperatives Council (Dekopin) and representatives of State-Owned Enterprises, established for an unspecified period of time.

Receptionist (REC)

  1. * Female, age max 28 years
  2. * Education min D1 in all directions
  3. * Preferred to have experience as a receptionist min 1 year
  4. * look attractive
  5. * Married & Unmarried
  6. * Communicative, flexible & have the initiative
  7. * Can speak English very well
  8. * Mastering Ms Office

General Requirements:

  • 1. Send a letter complete application, CV, and other supporting documents via email
  • 2. Write the position code on email subject
  • 3. Attach color photograph 4 × 6

Please send your application to : not later than September 15th, 2011

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Biro Perencanaan dan Anggaran (BPA) is one of the Echelon II Working Unit in the Kementerian Perumahan Rakyat Republik Indonesia which has the duty and function (Tusi) carry out the preparation of program planning, activities and budgets, as well as provide data and information in the field of public housing.

In the framework of the implementation of Tusi, the CPA invited the young university alumni to join us to become civil servants Non Honorer Staff who will be placed in the position:

Program Section, Bureau of Planning and Budget:

* Sub Division General Planning (2 staff)

* Sub Division Planning Program (1 staff)

* Sub Division of International Cooperation Administration (1 staff)

With the following conditions:


Qualify for registration as CPNS Ministry of Housing, among others:

  • * Certified Master / Master (S2) derived from the Higher Education / State University or private accredited by National Accreditation Board, the Performance Index (IP) of at least 3.00, the lowest age of 18 years and the highest 35 years.
  • * Certified Bachelor (S1) derived from the Higher Education / State University or private accredited by National Accreditation Board, the Performance Index (IP) of at least 2.75, the lowest age of 18 years and the highest 35 years.
  • * Institutional TOEFL which each applies (legalized) and published by the Language Institute of the LIA or other English language educational institution with a minimum value of 450.
  • * Since then the staff concerned are expected to be able to follow the Ministry of Housing Vacancy in September-November.


  • * Berijasah S1: Planning Engineering / Architectural Engineering / Civil Engineering / Environmental Engineering and / or berijasah S2: Public Policy (Equalization of Diploma by the Directorate of Foreign Affairs Directorate General of Higher Education Academic overseas for graduates).
  • * High Integrity.
  • * Ability to work in teams, able to work under pressure, and willing to work overtime.
  • * Able to communicate well with Coworkers, Bosses, Local Governments, Partners Kemenpera both domestically and abroad, and office support staff (Office Boy, driver, security guard, etc.).
  • * Willing to travel throughout the district / city / province throughout Indonesia, including the outer islands / Indonesia border region and abroad.
  • * English speaking active with TOEFL 550 or IELTS score above 6.0 is preferred for the above Sub-Division of International Cooperation Administration.
  • * Not being bound to contracts / agreements with agencies / other agencies.


Application letter addressed to:

Kepala Biro Perencanaan dan Anggaran

Sekretariat Kementerian Perumahan Rakyat

Jl. Raden Patah 1 No. 1 Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12110

Candidates send scanned ID cards, scan TIN, CV and files that can support the CV, as well as scans of Diploma terlegalisir, via email:

or or

Limits sending emails to this day Thursday, August 25, 2011 At 12.00 pm.

Candidates who meet the qualifications of the administration will be called for interview will be informed later time, with the completeness of the original documents and copies in point 2 above directly.

Candidates who pass the interview will be included in Competency Testing.

Working hours and salary + benefits will be negotiated at the time of interview.

Information passed / not passed will be contacted via email.

More information can contact Ms. Early (021) 72800145 during office hours.

Information about the Ministry of Housing and Planning Bureau and the Budget can be accessed through the website


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