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LOKER PT. Gas Negara Sepetember 2011

Posted on: September 12, 2011

PT Perusahaan Gas Negara (Persero), Tbk, better known by the abbreviations PGN or PGAS as naming for the stoke, is a state-owned enterprise that was established to distribute gas from oil and gas exploitation areas to users in industrial zones, and even to residential areas.To distribute the gas, the Company manages a network of distribution pipelines that extends from the drilling areas, more commonly known as gas/oil fields, to commercial zones, or to collection stations for loading onto transport vessels.

When PGN was founded in 1859, its core business was the distribution of gas to residential areas. In line with the times, gas distribution and gas transportation now form the core of PGN’s business. The Company’s operational area currently covers almost all of western and eastern of Java and northern of Sumatera and will soon extend throughout the entire territory of Indonesia.

Corporate Development :

  1. Senior Staff Perencanaan Korporat/S1 Teknik Industri / Manajemen/Pria
  2. Senior Staff Strategi Bisnis/S1 Manajemen, Administrasi Bisnis/Pria
  3. Senior Staff Pengembangan Bisnis/S1 Teknik Industri, Manajemen, Administrasi Bisnis/Pria
  4. Senior Staff Pengendalian Portofolio/S1 Manajemen Keuangan, Akuntansi/Pria

Downstream Management :

  1. Staff Penjualan/D3 Teknik Kimia/Pria / Wanita

Engineering & Construction :

  1. Senior Staff Offshore Engineering/S1 Teknik Kelautan/Pria
  2. Senior Staff Piping Engineering/S1 Teknik Mesin/Pria ,Wanita
  3. Senior Staff Mechanical Engineering/S1 Teknik Mesin/Pria , Wanita
  4. Senior Staff Instrument Engineering/S1 Teknik Fisika/Pria , Wanita
  5. Senior Staff Civil Engineering/S1 Teknik Sipil/Pria , Wanita
  6. Senior Staff Pengawas Konstruksi/S1 Teknik Mesin , Sipil/Pria
  7. Senior Staff Rancang Bangun/S1 Teknik Mesin , Kimia , Sipil/Pria / Wanita
  8. Senior Staff Teknik dan Tekno Ekonomi/S1 Teknik Geodesi , Sipil/Pria / Wanita
  9. Senior Staff Pembangunan/S1 Teknik Sipil / Mesin/Pria
  10. Senior Staff Instrumentasi Integritas Fasilitas/S1 Teknik Kimia/Pria / Wanita
  11. Senior Staff Mekanikal Integritas Fasilitas/S1 Teknik Mesin/Pria
  12. Staff Pengawas Konstruksi/D3 Teknik Sipil , Mesin/Pria
  13. Staff QA / QC/D3 Teknik Sipil , Mesin/Pria

Human Capital :

  1. Senior Staff Pengembangan Kompetensi/S1 Teknik Industri , Manajemen/Pria / Wanita
  2. Senior Staff SDM/S1 Psikologi/Pria / Wanita
  3. Staff Remunerasi/D3 Perpajakan , Akuntansi/Pria
  4. Staff SDM/D3 Manajemen/Pria

Legal & Compliance :

  1. Senior Staff Hukum/S1 Hukum/Pria , Wanita

Operation Management :

  1. Senior Staff GIS Engineering/S1 Geodesi , Geografi Teknik/Pria , Wanita
  2. Senior Staff Perencanaan & Pengendalian Penyaluran Gas/S1 Teknik Kimia/Pria
  3. Senior Staff Operasi dan Pemeliharaan SCADA & Telekomunikasi/S1 Teknik Elektro/Pria
  4. Senior Staff Operasi dan Pemeliharaan/S1 Teknik Mesin , Elektro , Sipil/Pria
  5. Staff Inspeksi dan Pemeliharaan Jaringan/D3 Teknik Mesin/Pria
  6. Staff Kalibrasi Meter/D3 Teknik Mesin/Pria
  7. Staff Manajemen Informasi Jaringan/D3 Teknik Informatika , Manajemen Informatika/Pria
  8. Staff Operasi dan Pemeliharaan/D3 Teknik Mesin , Sipil/Pria
  9. Staff Pengoperasian Offtake/D3 Teknik Elektro Industri, Mesin/Pria
  10. Staff Gas Kontrol/D3 Teknik Elektro/Pria

Operational Finance :

  1. Staff Penyusunan dan Penetapan Anggaran/D3 Akuntansi/Pria , Wanita
  2. Staff Anggaran/D3 Manajemen Keuangan , Akuntansi/Pria
  3. Staff Keuangan/D3 Akuntansi/Pria , Wanita

Procurement & Logistic :

  1. Staff Gudang/D3 Manajemen , Administrasi/Pria , Wanita
  2. Staff Logistik/D3 Manajemen , Administrasi/Pria , Wanita

Property Management & General Service :

  1. Senior Staff Perencanaan dan Penilaian Aset/S1 Akuntansi/Pria

Only the best qualified applicants will be called for the selection process. Applicants who are called to follow the selection process will be announced on 28 September 2011 starting at 16:00 pm on

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